Install of a Walbro 255lph fuel pump.

1. Make sure that the car is cool, don't want to be igniting any gas ;)

2. Go into the trunk of the car and on the right side in the back in where the fuel pump is located.

3. Unscrew the 4 screws and remove the cover.

4. Time to depressurize the car.  Unhook the white electrical connector, open the gas cap and crank the car for a couple seconds.  It won't start and now the fuel system has been depressurized.

5. Now unhook the other fuel lines from on top of the tank.  I used bolts to plug them to make sure they don't leak.

6.  Remove the screws around the top of the tank and then take off the top carefully.  Also the rubber gasket it held by 3 plastic washers which can be broken easily.  Be careful when removing these.  It might take some maneuvering to remove the assembly but be patient.  Rotate is around 180 degrees to clear the arm and get it out.  The pump and filter will come along with it.

7. Unclip the electrical connector from the top of the fuel pump and take off the fuel pump and filter from the assembly.

Here is a comparison of stock vs the walbro pump.

8. Your kit should come with a new rubber fitting for the pump that goes in place of the old one (where the filter connects to the pump)

9. Put the new filter onto the pump and put the pump on the assembly.  Use tie wraps to make sure it doesn't come off.

10. Put the electrical connector back on and slide the assembly back into the tank.  This will take maneuvering and is a bit tricky.  Start with it backwards and rotate it counter-clockwise.