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Professor of Finance

Villanova School of Business

Department of Finance

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Office Address: 2020 Bartley, next door to the Finance Department Office.

Office Phone: 610-519-4323 (Please email me during the pandemic)

Office Hours: Email for appointment.

E-Mail Addresses: NawrockiD@aol.com        David.Nawrocki@villanova.edu

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Starting Date at Villanova: 1981

Degrees Earned: B.S., 1970, M.B.A., 1972, Ph.D., 1976, Pennsylvania State University.

Areas of Specialization: Financial Market Theory, Portfolio Management Theory, Investment Risk Measures, Ethics and Financial Markets, Asset Allocation and Portfolio Selection Algorithms, International Investment Management, General Systems Theory, Chaos Theory, Nonlinear Dynamical Systems, Disequilibrium Processes, and Educational Software Development.

Courses Taught - Fall 2022 - Portfolio Management

Finance 2227 - Fixed Income Markets Course Outline

Finance 2324 -- Portfolio Management: - Fall 2022


VSB 3500 - The Critical Thinking and Value Investing will not be offered again until Fall 2021 on Wednesday evenings.

Finance 8641 -- Student Managed Fund Class

Course Attendance Policy

Finance 2227 - Financial Markets Course Outline

Finance 2324 - Portfolio Management Course Outline

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Most Recent Research Publications

1. Nawrocki, David, and Fred Viole. "Behavioral Finance in Financial Market Theory, Utility Theory, Portfolio Theory and the Necessary Statistics: A Review." Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 2(2014), 10-17.

2. Cumova, Denisa, and David Nawrocki. "Portfolio Optimization in an Upside Potential and Downside Risk Framework." Journal of Economics and Business, 2014.

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5.  Nawrocki, David, and Fred Viole. "Understanding the Flow of Funds System and the Financial Crisis of 2008." Advances in Financial Education, 2012.

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All of the papers listed above are available for download from my research papers page.