Attendance Policy


You are expected to attend class.  If you have to miss class, you are responsible for the material covered in that class.  It is inappropriate to ask questions in class that are based on information that you have missed because of absences.  That information should be covered during my office hours.  Directions for attending class are below:


First, make sure you are on the right planet.


Second, keep a lookout for the building shown above. If you don't see it, go to the next step.


Your second alternative is to go to Building # 25 on the above map. That is Bartley Hall, however the new wing in not in this old picture.  My office (2020 Bartley) is in the new wing.  The new and improved Kelly's and Gullifty's is to your right if you need to orient yourself to the map.  For the Fall 2007, all of my classes are in Room 034 Bartley or the new Applied Finance Lab.  Be prepared for a darker than usual room as I am unable to tolerate fluorescent lights because they are a migraine trigger.

Be careful as you walk across Lancaster and Ithan.

And NONE of this when you walk into class.

When in class, experience the joy of learning with other likeminded students.

And enjoy your interaction with your professor.

Yes, I really am 6'7" and I'm not shrinking yet.